BIO Bottle Facts

1. I am recycled - recycled, reclaimed or reincarnated, I am made from bottles that would have otherwise ended up in oceans, waterways and landfill. I am made from 100% food approved rPET (recycled PET)

2. I am recyclable - I come under recycle code 1, I can be recycled in via your normal yellow bin or at your Cash for Container centre and receive 10c. Then I can be remade to a new bottle

3. I am biodegradable in landfill - I want to be recycled back into other useful products but if for some reason I end up in the rubbish and the local landfill I will break down (not in 100's of years like standard non-biodegradable plastic bottles; not like glass and cans and water cartons that are designed to never break down) I vanish in as little as 6 years. (It has to be this long to do my job of keeping your water safe)

4. I'm not magic, I will vanish in landfill - I won’t leave fragments or micro plastics I have been tested and certified to international standards

5. I am not compostable - compostable plastic breaks into fragments as they need oxygen and moisture, this has been deemed illegal from the government, it also doesn't work from my purpose as a water bottle.


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